Monday, November 2, 2009

So I recently had the very unfortunate opportunity of having to "break up" with my opening act for my show on Nov. 8th. Never thought I would have to do anything of the sort but Thursday night proved interesting.

I went to go see my good friend Nate Rand do a 40 min. set, he being funny as fuck and also doing the show with me next week. I was excited to actually go out and see comedy again, not fretting over having to perform. The comic who I like a lot who was to open Nate's show was a NO SHOW! It was disappointing because I was looking forward to his set, but also very troubling for I booked him to open my show as well. :(

On a positive note, the owner of the club then asked me to do an impromptu 25 min. set. He thought I was saving his ass, well he saved mine! I have not been happy with a lot of my shorter sets recently at various clubs/open mics. So thought this week would be HELL! Of having to run + get up three times a night at places. I still will try to get in as much stage time as possible....but being put on the spot and asked to do a impromptu 25 min. slot proved great exercise.

However I did have to fix what he fucked up. This being my first show that I went out and did the leg work in booking myself and it sorta being my baby, I'm protective. But having this also be new to me I wasn't sure if my thoughts on replacing him were warranted. I turned to a couple of comic/actor friends who have put on they're own shows for advice. They agreed with me that yes, having to replace him was very appropriate. Thanks Guys. So... Slight change in line up now. I have filled his spot with someone I've seen around town in clubs, Mike Recine. NO joke, if there are Bill Hicks fans reading this...COME TO THIS SHOW!!! Mike has this great almost retro comic style I don't see a lot out there at the moment, ala Bill Hix, Sam Kinison. Saw him do a set last week at 3am and I was blown away. Everyone was on the verge of passing out and laughed they're asses off! Two Guys & A GRRL Do It Standing Up, should be a stand out show now!

So come on out. Bring friends! : November 8th, 8PM @ Yippies Museum Cafe
9 Bleecker Street between Bowery and Elizabeth
New York, NY
FREE SHOW!! -but they ask for donations

Showtime this Sunday!!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009
8:00pm - 11:00pm
Yippie Museum Cafe
9 Bleecker Street between Bowery and Elizabeth

Jen Perney's : Two Guys & A GRRL Do It Standing Up!

A night of Stand Up Comedy featuring;

Nate Rand

Mike Recine

and yours truly,

Jen Perney

Yippie's is a truly awesome place. Once the hangout to yippie Icons, Abbie Hoffman, Lenny Bruce and George Carlin. :)

Like the place is run by the ghost of Abbie Hoffman so there is no admission, no minimum, no cover, no hidden charges, no nothing.

So tips are greatly appreciated!!!!

The cafe doesn't have a liquor license, however we just might have some bottles of wine on hand and people can just put a few bucks in to open a bottle.

Come on down and laugh your ass off!!!