Saturday, October 9, 2010

A recent show bio for me. LOL! thanks James Frederick Rose

Jen Perney!! Jen is a very lively personality on stage, pushing the envelope and making you laugh at some of the most untalked about things of the sexual nature. Some call it raunchy, some call it pervy, its really just Jen Perney at her finest. She hosts/produces a monthly comedy show at the Waltz-Astoria in Queens. A great time with some of the city's best underground comics.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dear Ms. Perney, Smutty Broad Sex Advice

Question # 1 comes from :

Erik said...

How do I get my girlfriend to let me cum on her face?
When I cum its alot, like Peter North ALOT

Answer: So ya say you wanna spray her in the face, hey? Well I must first bring you back to a time in your memory. Remember when you were just a wee one and you'd enjoy a hot sunny day of water play in the backyard? That was always so much fun right? But then some dumbass kid would always get too excited and spray water from the hose directly on your face. Yeh.....and just as it was then, the hose down is still pretty much an un-welcomed surprise.

You could always mention to her that some fancy dancy face creams cost up to $700 that list foreskin and semen in the ingredients. VERY TRUE!!!!!

We are all very vain creatures my man.

---Over And Out---

Ms. Perney

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Next Tuesday 5/18-World's Greatest Grandson Comedy Show

World's Greatest Grandson returns on Tuesday, May 18th!

"The best reason to go to Greenpoint since escaping Poland!"

This time, the jams will be kicked out by:

RG Daniels!
Jen Perney!
Shawn Jones!
Katy Olsen!
John Murdock!
Stephanie Holmes!
Ed Larson (of Murderfist)!
sketch comedy from Rue Brutalia!

Hosted by the enigmatic Bill Chambers!

@ Van Gogh's Radio Lounge
147 Franklin St (btwn India & Java)
Greenpoint, Brooklyn
G train to Greenpoint Ave